Sunday, May 9, 2010

Launch of PMIRL at NEXT

We unveiled the Research Library at the NEXT art fair as a new project initiated by Public Media Institute during Version Festival 10. The library and booth also showcased art works by Brian Murer, Scott Cowen, Cody Hudson, Caitlin Arnold, Anna Shteynshleyger. Works by Cody Hudson, Paul Cowen and Katy Keefe were also shown throughout the NEXT hall.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Titles on April 26, 2010

The following titles have been catalogued for the Research Library.

0_100 editions, 124 Things of Life {In No Particular Order...}, 15 Uses For Newsprint, 60m Magazine, Activism!, Act Patriot Act!, ADHOUSE Trashcan, A.E.I.u.U., A Field of Dandelions by Chad Kouri, Afterall: A Journal of Art, Context and Inquiry, Alphabet Prime: Scripting, Altar of Invocation, Alphabet Prime, Apenest, An Atlas of Radical Cartography, Amelia's Magazine, Apartamento Magazine, A Prior Magazine, Ari Marcopoulo - The Thing, Arkitip, The Artists Run Chicago Digest, Art Prostitute, Art pt. 2: Dazzle Docs,, aX: Nothing Says Architecture Like Condiments, Baechtold's Best: Afghanistan, Banging Your Head Against a Brick Wall, Battery, Beautiful/Decay, Bidoun, Big Kids Little Kids, Bigmag, Blend, Brand Magazine, Bridgeport WPA, Brownbook, Burn Collector, The Butterfly Paper, Butt Magazine, Cabinet Magazine, A Call To Farms: Continental Drift through the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, Canon, Can You See Us Now?, The Chain, Child as Audience, Clam Magazine, Club Donny, Colors Magazine, Constanze Schweiger Skee Ba Doobie Do Wah, Content, Crap Hound, Der:die:das:, Diary 16, Digital Disobedients, Dik Fagazine, The Diner Journal, Disconnect, Dorade: Revue Galante, Photogaphie et Formes Critiques, Dot Dot Dot Magazine, The Drama, Draw at the flower shop by Henri Glover, Dungeon Majesty, Dutch Design Dead, Easy Listener, EDALS DNA DLEIFNARC: MAEDYAD ENIHSNUS, Ein Magazin über Orte, Electronic Civil and Other Disobedience Unpopular Ideas, Electronic Media Monitoring, Elephant, Erosie, Everyone is a Designer! Manifest for the Design Economy, Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass!, extrapool books, Eyeball-O-Rama, Faded Igloo, Faesthetic, Fashematical, Faund, Fillip Magazine, Fingered, Five Simple Steps To Greater Joy In This World of Sorrow, Foam Magazine, Foibles, Forecast, Found Magazine, Free Radicals, Friends and Friends of Friends, Fucking Good Art, Fun, Für Immer, Fw: Magazine, Gargarin, Gas, Gastronomica, Gaylord Phoenix, The Gay Utopia, Girls Like Us, Girl with the Pearl Earring (excerpt) Center for Book Technology, Graphic Magazine, Graphic Magazine, Gup Magazine, Hamburger Eyes, Helene Sommer, Here You Are, Hunch, The Idea of Something, IDPURE Magazine, If you like this, you might also like..., If You're Into It We're Out Of it, Immediatism: Essays by Hakim Bey, The Incredible Journey That Is Consciousness, Independent Style Paper, Indesem, Into the Gravy, Innen Zines, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy: Victor Boullet Plaster Saint, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy: Edie McKay Like Stupidity, Evil is self-hypnotic, The Internet of Things: A critique of ambient technology and the all-seeing network of RFID, The Interventionists (Users' Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life), Interviu, Iris Janke, Iz Rock Pressings, JAB, Jason Lazarus: Wright, The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, The Journal of Artistic Bookmaking, Jounal Illustratif, K48, Kasino A4 Magazine, Kaugummi Magazine, Kodoji Press, Komfort Magazine, Letters to a Young Artist, Liebling, Little White Lies: Truth and Movies, Lodown DTP, Log, Loud Paper, Loud and Quiet, Lumpen, Lurve Magazine, LVX, Making Do, Margin Detail, M, Matériel, Material Press, Matt, McSweeney's, Meatpaper, Mediamatic, Metahaven: White Night Before A Manifesto, Metropolis M, Minerva's Wreck: An Austin Arts Anthology, Mobile Minded, Modifi, The Molecular Invasion: Critical Art Ensemble, Mona Lisa (Excerpt) Center For Book Technology, Monika, Monu Magazine, Mori, Mousse Magazine, M st rm nd, Mural MADNES$ Extravaganza, Museum Paper, Mute Magazine, My Own Private Hollywood, My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable, Network, National Waste, The New Heroes, Newwork Magazine, Never Mined, Next Nature, Nico, Novine Galerije Nova, Nozone, Oaoa, The Occult Technology Of Power, O.K. Periodicals, Onomatopee, Orbs, Open Issues, PALIMPSEST 05 / OTTO EDITION, Paper & Carriage, Paper Monument, Paper Rodeo, Participatory Autonomy, pathfinder a/way/through/swiss/graphix, Peeping Tom's Digest, Permanent Food, Petit Glam, Petunia Magazine, Phonebook, Picnic, Pie Paper, The Pilot Report, The Pioneer, Politics is Not a Banana: What Are You Doing After the Orgy or Insurrection or Whatever?, The Portland Funbook 3, Potential Energy, Poupi Whoopy, Printed Project, Pr, Proximity, Project Rooms, Pub, Purple, The Purple Journal, Pyramid Power, Queer Zines, Rafskinna, Rare Form, Real Free Press, Relax: The Cops Are Inside Us., Re-Magazine, Richardson, Rico MC Taco Edie Fake, Rodakis, Rojo Magazine, Safety Manual, Sarai Reader 02, Sang Bleu, Save As Publications, Save My Life, Saw: Land and Globalization Poster Series, Schaduwen Shadows, Set of 25 Bookmarks with excerpts from the Danville Community Encyclopedia, The Session, Sharing is Caring: A Crash Corse in Collaboration, Shoot First, The Skeleton News, Slanted Magazine, SNOOPee, Social Studies: A collection of stories by Johnathan Gitelson, Some of That Colour, Sound Shopping by Gerry Arling and Richard Cameron, starship, Supercream, Telefantasy Studios: The Multinauts Souvenir Magazine, Templates for Limitless Fields of Grass, Temporary Services, Textfield V, Thanks For Nothing, That Way (Sydney) This Way (Melbourne), The New Heroes, There Goes the Neighbourhood: Redfern and the Politics of Urban Space, Things Contemporary, Thinking about Suicide, subbacultcha! magazine, Tonight I Will Dream, Trace a Face, Trinity, Trona:Armpit of America, Trunk Volume One: Hair, Tulipomania DotCom reader, Tuukka Kaila "Based on Truth", Ultraviolet: 69 Blacklight Posters from the Aquarian Age and Beyond, UltraViolet Magazine, Untitled Magazine, UOVO, Uppercase, Ura II, Useful Photography, Vague, Veneer Magazine, Vestoj Manifesto, Victory Gardens 2007+, Vidvinkel Magazine, Visual Power, Volume Magazine, W139 Amsterdam: Report of an Ongoing Journey, Water Planet, Wax & Jardins, Loneliness in the City, Westphalie, Whatsoever Things Are True, White Fungus, Whorrable Orphans zine, A Wikipedia Reader, Work, Works Cited, Worm - Blijven Harken, Wright, Wutang Comics "the real..", X-TRA, The Yes Men in Judgement Day, Yeti Magazine, You